Gender Identity Training

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new training module for team officials to support trans-inclusive hockey in Ontario; Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training.

These two modules which will educate team officials on this important topic. Team officials will not be approved on a team roster unless both modules have been completed.

The Ontario Hockey Federation is proud to be at the forefront of trans-inclusive sport and is glad to be working with Hockey Northwestern Ontario and Hockey Eastern Ontario through is process.

Understanding Discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training for Team Officials

The Ontario Hockey Federation, Hockey Eastern Ontario, and Hockey Northwestern Ontario  have implemented Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression and a Guide to the Dressing Room Policy and Confidentiality Statement modules for all team officials, which is a mandatory requirement to be approved to a roster.

All team officials will require a Spordle account in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) in order to register for and complete the two Modules. Once completed, notification will be posted to the team officials’ member profile on the HCR.

To register for this training, please click here

After you have completed registration, the link to begin the training can be found in the calendar tab within your own Spordle account. You will not receive a certificate upon completion. The completed training will, however, show up in your qualifications tab within your HCR profile.

Transgender Inclusiveness Training for Team Officials

Team officials will be responsible for registering for the Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression and a Guide to the Dressing Room Policy and Confidentiality Statement modules. Upon registering for the clinic, team officials will receive an email with instructions for completing the modules.

Please make note of the following requirements before proceeding to registration.

  • Supported Devices - Mac/PC Desktop Computers only. Please note: Training modules cannot be completed on Mobile Phones or iPads.
  • Required Software - Adobe Flash 10.3 or later and a modern web browser (Explorer, FireFox or Chrome).
  • Completion of both modules are required to receive credit.
  • Your username and password to launch the online program will be the same as your Ehockey account
  • Please make sure you are completing the modules under your Team Officials profile not a players profile.

If you are having technical difficulties please review the FAQ document.

Questions related to the content of the modules can be directed to the OHF Office, email:

Questions related to technical issues, can be directed to 226-533-9071

Gender Diversity – Pre-Season Chats

As a Team Official you have completed the e-learning training, specific to “Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression” and A Guide to the Confidentiality Policy and Dressing Room Policy”. It is now important, and a requirement of your training that this information be passed on to the parents and players of your team as you create a safe and inclusive environment for the coming season.

The OHF requires the “pre-season chat” specific to Gender Diversity to take place at the beginning of each season.

As various minor hockey associations, clubs and leagues begin their seasons at differing times each year, there is not one date that can be established across the province by which these discussions must occur. However, it is critical that the “pre-season chat” take place at the outset of your season in order for everyone to be aware of the policy.

The “pre-season chat” will also be required at the beginning of each subsequent hockey season.

The following link will take you to the “pre-season chat” checklist to be used in providing this important information to the teams. (Pre-Season Chat Checklist)

The OHF expects that these steps are implemented into the existing procedures for teams at the beginning of each hockey season and will undertake a random audit to ensure compliance with this requirement.

The OHF thanks you for your continued assistance in creating a safe and inclusive environment.

Glossary of Terms Pre-Season Chat Checklist