OHF Scholarship

About the Program

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Scholarship was introduced in 1997 to recognize and reward dedication in education and hockey. The program provides financial assistance to registered OHF participants to offset the cost of post-secondary education. Since its inception, the OHF has distributed more than $450,000 to over 400 post-secondary students.

Each year, the OHF awards scholarships to outstanding young people who display an incredible amount of commitment both at the arena and in the classroom. The bursary recipients are determined on the basis of academic achievements, hockey involvement and community involvement.

2022 OHF Scholarship Recipients

Thank you to all who applied for the OHF Scholarship and congratulations to those selected:

1. Lauren Smillie* (OWHA)

2. Blake Aylesworth (OMHA)

3. Andrew De Rango (OMHA)

4. Caleb Podgers (OMHA)

5. Alexandra Elmslie (OWHA)

6. Camille Venn (OWHA)

7. Adam Dunn (OMHA)

8. Bento DeGurse (Alliance)

9. Leah Melindy (OWHA)

10. Liam Wadel (Alliance)

11. Mikayla Mistry (OWHA)

12. Matthew Song (OMHA)

13. Madison Marcoux (OWHA)

14. Kara Mark (OWHA)

15. Cassidy Dobson (OWHA)

16. Graydon Hartley (OMHA)

17. Elizabeth Herd (OWHA)

18. Ella Hertner (OWHA)

19. Hailey Grant (OWHA) 

20. David Durbano (OMHA)

21. Jackson Spraggon (OMHA)

22. Paige Jacklin (OWHA)

23. Rachel Wilkinson (OWHA)

24. Rajan Laird (OMHA)

25. Rylee Crego (OWHA)

26. Sydney Melindy (OWHA)

27. Rebecca Grant (OWHA)

28. Noah Willis (OMHA)

29. Karina Wallis (OWHA)

30. Caleigh Spencer (OWHA)


**Lauren Smillie is recognized as this year’s top applicant for BFL Scholarship Bursary

OHF Scholarship Eligibility & Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to receive a scholarship, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered with the OHF during the application season;
  • Be registered for three (3) of the previous four (4) years within the OHF in any capacity; (player, trainer, coach, official) (2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23)
  • Be a registrant in good standing with the OHF; and
  • Enrolling in post-secondary full-time studies in Canada for the first time.

Participants (players and officials) within each of the OHF Members (ALLIANCE, GTHL, NOHA, OHA, OHL, OMHA, OWHA) are eligible to receive an OHF scholarship. This includes participants (players and officials) within an OWHA program operating anywhere in the province of Ontario.


  • Applicants will be evaluated based on their personal letter, reference letters, and transcripts (scoring weighted equally).
  • The number of scholarship recipients and the amount awarded to each will be determined by the OHF Scholarship Committee
  • Where financial assistance is needed, consideration will be given

Required Documentation:

OHF Scholarship Application Form

  • A letter from the candidate (maximum 500 words, single-spaced) outlining their contributions to hockey within the Ontario Hockey Federation, what the game of hockey has meant to them, and other information such as volunteer or community involvement
  • One (1) letter of reference from current school on official letterhead (non-relative)
  • One (1) letter of reference from a hockey-related organization on official letterhead (non-relative)
  • A complete copy of an Official School Transcript is mandatory
  • A copy of the candidate's mid-term marks summary


  • Applicants will be scored based on their personal contribution to hockey and the community, as well as their school-related submission
  • The number of recipients and the amount awarded to each will be determined by the OHF Scholarship Committee
  • Where financial assistance is needed, consideration will be given

*We understand the challenges that may occur with acquiring transcripts from schools. Please have your guidance counselor email any transcripts to scholarship@ohf.on.ca and include in the subject line of the email your full name. 


The Jim Stirling Scholarship Bursary

Each year BFL Canada donates a $1,000.00 educational bursary to a deserving player for their continued education. The Jim Stirling Scholarship Bursary is awarded to the top OHF Scholarship applicant who receives the top ranking from the OHF Scholarship Committee. This applicant will receive the $1,000.00 Jim Stirling Scholarship Bursary.