Professional Development

Instructional Stream

The Instructional Stream is a series of clinics that assist coaches and players in developing the skills required to play the game of hockey. These clinics are composed of in-class and on-ice sessions and are facilitated by Hockey Canada Instructors.

Coaches' clinics are offered on five different topics:

  • Skating
  • Checking skills
  • Goaltending
  • Developing Defenceman
  • Skills

The focus of these clinics is to assist the coach in developing the knowledge and skills to teach and develop age appropriate skills (based upon Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development model). All Instructional Stream clinics carry 5 Points towards recertification.

Professional Development

The following programs are examples of additional professional development opportunities for Coaches to attend and carry 3 points towards Certification Maintenance.

  • Creating Offence
  • Puck Control
  • Small Area Games
  • Practice Planning
  • Shooting and Scoring
  • Practice to Game
  • Shared Ice Practices

For a list of Instructional and other Professional Development Clinics within our Branch, please click here