Risk Management

Risk Management is the process of assessing potential variation in outcomes and then developing strategies to manage those areas where a resulting loss could have a negative impact on the organization’s ability to achieve its objectives.

As leaders in the amateur hockey field, we must be cognizant of the forces at play and appreciate how they affect and influence the young hockey player who is looking for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Below you will find a number of resources pertinent to the topic of risk management and how you can ensure a safe and enjoyable hockey season.


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Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Disclosure: Maltreatment Data

At the OHF we strive to be transparent and accountable to our players, coaches, volunteers and communities we serve. With this in mind and in compliance with Hockey Canada's Playing Rule 11.4, which tracks and compiles data as it relates to maltreatment cases, the OHF and its seven Members are now reporting 2021-2022 season data (June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022). It is important to note that Hockey Canada’s Playing Rule 11.4 was only implemented last year, so the information shared below is a summary from the first year of the Rules implementation. The goal with a year over year view of cases is to be able to identify, measure, reduce and eliminate maltreatment of all kinds in hockey, as well as understand where complaints are coming from to improve our processes and regulations.  

Number of reported allegations of discrimination:

This data is representative of any allegation that takes place within Hockey Canada’s Playing Rule 11.4. On-ice suspensions are calls made by an official who heard the infraction directly, while allegations are reported by an individual following the infraction to a coach, official or hockey association that lead to an investigation.

  Official Called Penalty Suspensions Reported Allegation *Suspensions from Allegations Warning/Probation/Other Sanctions/Educations Given Total Participants
Alliance 22 29 5 3 18,694
GTHL 62 56 10 3 32,979
NOHA 9 8 2 6 11,542
OHA 11 7 1 0 3,579
OHL 1 1 0 0 604
OMHA 42 33 9 4 93,323
OWHA 4 2 1 1 42,3255
OHF 151 136 28 17 203,976

*18 allegations remain under investigation

In addition to Ontario Hockey Federation’s compliance with Hockey Canada’s Rule 11.4, the OHF also compiles data as it related to the OHF Harassment, Abuse, Bullying and Misconduct Policy. Below is a breakdown of the total cases across our seven Members from the 2021-22 season.

2021-22 OHF Harassment, Abuse, Bullying and Misconduct Cases:

Member Season 2021-22 Total Participants Total Compliants for 2021-22 - Substantiated*** Total Compliants for 2021-22 - Unsubstantiated
Alliance 18,694 6 6
GTHL 32,979 2 4
NOHA 11,542 4 2*
OHA 3,579 0 3
OHL 604 2 0
OMHA 92,323 32 31
OWHA 43,255 2 2
OHF 203,976 48 48

*Cases under investigation

*** These complaints include accusations against players, Team Officials, Parents, Game Officials and Staff

The OHF’s priority and focus is to provide a safe, fun, accessible and progressive place for everyone who loves hockey to enjoy. Any form of disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated. We are committed to appropriate investigation of all complaints and encourage those who see or experience something in conflict with our code of conduct to speak up and report it.

OHF Internal Statement Bulletin:

OHF Internal Statement

Déclaration interne de l’OHF