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OHF Minor Hockey Player Transfers for Residential Move

OHF Minor Hockey Player Transfers for Residential Move are internal transfers within the OHF for minor players moving from one Minor Hockey Member centre to another Minor Hockey Member centre.

Per OHF Regulations E55, players who have changed their residence with their parent(s) or guardian(s), and as a result of that move have changed Minor Members  will require approval from the OHF.

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** OHF Residential Transfer Process Instructions **

Required Documents

Please have all required support documents included with the form submission for residential moves. If documents are not included, application will not be reviewed and will be deemed incomplete. 

  1. Copy of Fully executed rental agreement, registered transfer of ownership, or agreement of purchase and sale for new residence. 
  2. Copy of Player’s student index card from their new school or official letter of attendance or report card. 
  3. Copy of parent’s/guardian’s driver’s license or Ontario Photo Card (if moving with both parents/guardians, please provide copies for both parents/guardians)
  4. Copy of home or tenant’s insurance for the new residence
  5. Copy of a utility bill or cable/internet bill, showing service address (mobile phone bills or bank statements will not be accepted).

In the case of a separation, or when legal custody has been granted to a third person, the following document must also be provided: 

    • Executed copy of any relevant separation agreement, custody order or divorce decree Other (any relevant additional supporting documentation)

Please be advised that if there are other siblings/children in the family, a residential transfer must be completed for EACH Registered Participant.

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** OHF Residential Transfer Process Instructions **

OHF Permission to Tryout for Minor Hockey

OHF Permission to Tryout (prior to Residential Move) Form 

Please submit Permission to Tryout Form to the OHF directly at: