By-Laws and Policies

The policies identified here pertain to the operations of the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF). As determined by our governing body, the policies are listed here to provide you with information in the event you find yourself in a situation that a policy addresses. Please review all our policies at your earliest opportunity and check back for new additions.

The OHF By-Laws, Regulations and Playing Regulations are updated for the 2023-2024 Season:

OHF By-Laws

OHF Regulations

OHF Playing Regulations

Hockey Canada and its Ontario branches are taking steps to protect the rights of trans youth, and ensure that they can play hockey in an inclusive environment.

This includes the Co-Ed Dressing Room and Confidentiality policies, recognizing the rights of trans youth to:

  • access all facilities and services in accordance with their self-identified gender identity and expression;
  • be addressed by their preferred names and pronouns; and
  • have privacy and confidentiality with respect to their gender identity.

Training and/or education, as appropriate, is being delivered to all team officials before the start of the season. For more information on the training, click here

OHF Confidentiality Statement OHF Confidentiality Statement Implementation Guide OHF Dressing Room Policy OHF Dressing Room Policy Implementation Guide