Certification Level V


To prepare competent officials to referee Major Junior, Junior A, Senior, CIAU, and Inter- Branch Playoffs


  • Must be fully certified at Level IV and referee one year at that level
  • Attendance at Level V will be by Branch invitation only. Must attend and participate in all sessions of the Level V clinic
  • Must obtain a minimum of 90% on a written national examination
  • Must pass a practical on-ice evaluation, performed by a qualified Branch Hockey Canada Officiating Program supervisor
  • Must undergo fitness and skating tests
  • Must be capable of officiating in one of the categories as listed under purpose


Minimum of fourteen (14) hours of instruction. Usually is presented over an entire weekend


All officials reaching Level V are required to pass an annual written national examination and fitness test to qualify for Inter-Branch assignments

Upon successful completion of Level V (clinic, examination, on-ice evaluation), the official should receive a Level V sticker and certification card

There are over 200 Level V officials registered