Staff Directory

Phillip McKee

Executive Director

Responsibilities: OHF Officer and Director of the Board, Privacy Policy Officer, OHF and Hockey Canada Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations and Policies, Lake Ontario Region and OHF Media Contact.

Jeff Stewart

Director of Programs and Events

Responsibilities: Hockey Canada and OHF Development Programs, Branch Projections, Coaches Program, Officiating Program, Program of Excellence, HP1 Coaching Clinics and Level IV/V Officiating Clinics.

Will Metske

Operations Director

Responsibilities: Facility and Technology Management; Grant Applications and Provincial Sport Organization liaison; Operational Planning; Membership Services; IIHF Tours

Laura T. Brown

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Responsibilities:  Internal and External Communications, OHF Media Contact, OHF Scholarship Program, Social Media, Website and Digital Content Creation, Event and Program Promotions, Creative, Marketing and Branding lead.


Scott Stevens

Manager, Programs and Events

Responsibilities: Program of Excellence, Gold Cup, Championships and Regional Championships, Development clinics.


Zack Millington

Manager, Risk, Registration, and Insurance

Responsibilities: Policy Review and Development, Risk Management coordination with Hockey Canada, Hockey Canada Insurance Program within the OHF, Harassment, Abuse, Registration Appeals, Bullying and Conduct Investigations and Policies and the OHF Appeals Coordinator.

Kimberley Willms

Manager, Finance

Responsibilities: Bookkeeping and Finance.


Adam Morell

Coordinator, Officiating

Responsibilities: Policy Review and Development, Ensure the overall development of all OHF registered officials, through re-cert and upgrade clinics annually, Deliver High Performance education annually.

Nischala Chauhan

Coordinator, Registration

Responsibilities: Administration of participant transfers between OHF members and other Hockey Canada branches, administration of appeals to the OHF Appeals Committee.