Criminal Records Check

Criminal Record Centralization Process

The submission of these documents is the responsibility of the On-Ice Official (referees and linesmen) and will only be accepted at either the time of the officiating clinic, officiating school, or when submitted directly to the Ontario Hockey Federation. The method of submission is dependent on your Member.

Eligibility to Officiate

With the 2023-2024 officiating season starting, it is imperative for Officials to ensure their eligibility to access the program.

On Ice Officials under the age of 18

Due to changes imposed by the new Police Record Checks Reform Act (PRCRA) legislation, effective November 1st, 2018, a police check for persons under 18 years of age UNLESS applying for a position with a government agency (federal, provincial or municipal), will not be processed.

Therefore, applicants under the age of 18 will not be required to obtain a Police Record Check OR signing of a declaration form is not required.

On Ice Officials 18 years of age and over are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check (VSSC).

The renewal period for your VSSC will be every 3 years. (Example: Year one VSSC, year two Criminal Offence Declaration Form, year three Criminal Offence Declaration Form and year four VSSC.) All On Ice Officials must adhere to this Policy.

There will be two ways to submit your record check:

If you are a first-time official attending a clinic or Officiating School, you would submit at the clinic or Officiating School in a sealed envelope, with your full name printed on front. If you do not have your VSSC at the time of your clinic or Officiating School and have initiated the process please submit the receipt in a sealed envelope, with your name on the front at your clinic or Officiating School.

If recertifying, you must submit to the OHF prior to registering on line. If you do not have your VSSC prior to registering for a re-certification clinic and have initiated the process, please submit the receipt directly to the OHF office. This is a condition of being able to access the registration process.

Methods of submission are fax, scan or mail. If by fax or scan (PDF), and it is not deemed a true copy the original will be requested to be mailed. By Fax to 519-620-7476, by scan to, or by Mail to address below (no pictures will be accepted).

When you receive your VSSC document please forward directly to the OHF office:
Ontario Hockey Federation,
Unit 9, 400 Sheldon Drive,
Cambridge, Ontario N1T 2H9

Attention: Criminal Record Check Inspector

If the on ice official is deemed ineligible through review of their VSSC, they will be notified.

Criminal Offence Declaration Form

This form is to be completed by officials who have a VSSC on file and has not expired and must be completed in full, signed, and submitted to the OHF office.

Officials are encouraged to log onto their eHockey account to verify their expiration date under the CRC Tab on their profile.

Download OHF Complaint Intake Form Criminal Offence Declaration Form

OHF Letter Requesting VSSC

Any questions can be directed to the OHF office.